Why Bamboo clothes are great for people and the planet Earth

Posted by Ecofabrik on Oct 31st 2019

Bamboo is the most sustainable species of grass that naturally protects the soil degradation without requiring chemical fertilizers or water irrigation.

Well, then why there is such a controversy about bamboo fabric being organic or not? Many people ask us about their bamboo t shirts or their other bamboo garments. Are bamboo clothes really organic? From bamboo t shirts to bamboo polo shirts and bamboo baby apparel, all such garments have become part of many families' desired attire. So, we are back to the earlier question. How much of your bamboo clothes, bamboo bath towels and our bamboo t-shirts are really organic and align with our Eco-values and meet the green living criteria? Environmental groups, ecologists and consumers often get engaged in lengthy discussions as to whether bamboo fabric is green and organic or is it not. And there seems to be as many opinions as there are informed groups and forums taking part in such discussions.

However, all these factors aside, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has a very clear position on the bamboo fabric and we maintain to stay completely in compliance with the FTC Guidelines.

 FTC ruling notwithstanding, people continue to discuss this issue and there seems to be no end to the biased positions and opinions on the topic. Environmentalists and consumers continue to dissect the “pros & cons” of bamboo fabric but we take a neutral position in this matter and let the consumers make their own decisions in the light of public opinion and FTC’s ruling. Regardless of which side of the argument they are, most everyone agrees on this point that bamboo is one of the most sustainable species of grass (yes, it’s not a tree) that grows abundantly in many parts of the world. Amazingly, it can grow one to three feet in height in a matter of few days. It doesn’t require irrigation water or fertilizers of any kind like other crops & plants and naturally protect the soil from degradation with its roots system. Yet, another factor that makes bamboo an ideal source of environmental protection is its ability to absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) by four times more and generating Oxygen by 35% more than the equal size of another kind of tree stand in the forest. This is a huge environmental benefit of bamboo forests. These properties make it one of the best renewable sources of wood pulp used in manufacturing of fabrics, paper and other products.

Whilebamboo clothing has started making headlines in the recent years, bamboo has been around for thousands of years being used extensively for hundreds of things in China and other Asian countries. However, it has only recently been introduced to the West in the form of flooring material and as a wearable fabric. Bamboo apparel was an instant hit in the Western markets due to its luxurious softness and was dubbed as Eco-Cashmere. People would come up with interesting claims that they were getting hugged left & right at their work places and in the bars whenever they were wearing a bamboo t-shirt or a bamboo dress. There were verified claims that bamboo tee shirts or bamboo sports shirts were keeping the wearers cool & fresh in hot muggy climates and warm & cozy in fall and winter months. Of course there was some element of exaggeration in such claims but that didn’t stop or even slowed down the popularity of bamboo apparel. In general, consumers have been less concerned about bamboo fabric’s disapproval by the FTC or questionable status as 100% green fabric by the purists among the environmental organizations.

Due to the patented manufacturing technology, we will never know the exact process, however, manufacturers claim, that the processed bamboo retains most of its unique and remarkable cellulose properties as a fabric. Here again, we cannot ascertain this claim independently nor we take a position on this one. Contrary to the claims of Chinese manufacturers, experts at the US Customs and other government agencies believe that some chemicals are in fact used when converting bamboo pulp into the cellulose fiber that is used to manufacture bamboo yarn. US Customs, therefore, designate bamboo as "man-made fiber", not natural fiber.

As mentioned earlier in this article, at Ecofabrik, we stay neutral on the issue and do not take any positions. We’ve explained the FTC’s and US Custom’s official position to our customer by posting this information prominently here on this page and leave it up to the consumers to decide whether they want a bamboo t-shirt, or a hemp t-shirt or an organic cotton t shirt instead. Customers have always liked this approach and despite the controversy, many still choose to buy bamboo t shirts and bamboo golf shirts and other bamboo rayon/viscose fabric items. If you prefer a t-shirt made of organic cotton or hemp, we carry them all.

That controversy aside, bamboo clothing has remarkable properties that contribute towards the planet earth's ecological needs. As a wearable fabric, the same above average water absorbency property that makes bamboo fastest growing plant lends itself to bamboo fabric's cooling quality. Bamboo Shirts wick away moisture in fabric form and said to keep the wearer comfortable & dry even in the most humid climates. Bamboo Clothing is 3 to 4 times more absorbent than synthetic fabric or cotton clothing and helps lift up the moisture from the body which then evaporates keeping you naturally drier and more comfortable. Bamboo clothes and shirts of bamboo are remarkably soft and breathable. In hot & humid weather, bamboo tee shirt is naturally cool to the touch and gives a refreshing feeling to the wearer. With its unparalleled micro-structure of the bamboo fiber, bamboo clothing helps absorb and evaporate human perspiration more efficiently than most other fabrics, synthetic or non-synthetic for that matter.

We want to let our customers know that many people find it interesting that their bamboo t-shirts and bamboo polo shirts will not stick to the skin when they are playing golf, working in the backyard or inside the house on a hot summer day. Main reason for this is bamboo’s properties of moisture absorption and also its breath-ability that lends to “moisture wicking” thus leaving the wearer feeling cool and fresh. Bamboo socks are also very popular among athletes, hikers, golfers and also liked by those who do not take part in any sports activities. People like bamboo viscose and rayon fabric for personal preferences and as such we do not make any broad based claims as to why bamboo products are gaining popularity. All we can say is that you try one product and if you like it, then try another one. We have heard some quirky claims from customers that bamboo night shirt and bamboo t-shirts, bamboo tank tops give them a funny feeling as if they were not wearing anything. Some people love this feeling; others find it funny, weird or uncomfortable. Go figure!

Amazingly, the same structural property that keeps bamboo viscose cool in hot weather, lends itself to making the bamboo clothing warm in the cold weather. Another set of great products made of this amazing fabric is bamboo bath towels, bamboo golf towels and bamboo sport towels. Some of our customers have told us that they have become addicted to their bamboo towels to the point that they will never go back to the ordinary cotton towels. If you really want to pamper yourself, try the bamboo bath towels and you will see for yourself what kind of addiction our customers are talking about. Here again, Ecofabrik’s position is that we must not deprive ourselves from experiencing this amazingly soft fabric while the controversy continues…