Giving Back

Giving Back; the causes we support...


Ecofabrik Organic Gear is more than an online store for earth-friendly products. Ever since its inception in 2007, we have been using Ecofabrik as a platform to raise awareness about environmental, social and ethical causes. In 2007 and 2008, we supported the cause of forest preservation by working with American Forest; an eminent nonprofit organization engaged in preserving the American forests. Ecofabrik, has planted hundreds of trees in the name of its U S customers. We also worked with a Canadian nonprofit to dedicate tree planting on behalf of our Canadian customers.

 We have been supporting two popular nonprofits from Southern California that are always in the forefront to clean up the beaches and care for sea mammals. We love to work with these two organizations to support their causes; Heal the Bay and Ocean Conservation Society (OCS).

  Ecofabrik has supported Animal Rights because we believe human beings should speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. After all, we share our beautiful planet Earth with animals, birds and sea mammals. Why not stand up for their causes.

 We also support the nonprofit organizations that raise awareness about ecological issues faced our planet. We have donated thousands of biodegradable bags to these organizations to discourage usage of plastic bags. We will continue to work with such organizations by donating cotton shopping bags. After all, plastic bags are causing death to thousands of water fowls and sea mammals every month in USA and probably to hundreds of thousands more around the world.

 What does this mean to you; our valued customers? Well, you would appreciate the fact that a percentage of your shopping dollars helps support some very worthy causes. Your purchases support your fashion needs and complement your social and environmental values too. Please browse to see the pictures of some of the things we’ve been doing to raise awareness about these causes. We will continue to contribute our “Giving Back” programs in efforts to help planet earth in a small way. We hope you will come aboard as and when you need to make a purchase or two to stock up your organic wardrobe. Together, we will do our part to preserve the environmental health of planet earth for all its inhabitants and for the sake of future generations




Forest Conservation